Pastor Scott Maxwell


St. Mark’s offers two worship services on Sunday mornings. They are different in style, but they share common goals:

  • To connect us with God and all God’s people through prayer and the holy sacraments
  • To allow us to hear God’s word through Scripture and preaching
  • To give us opportunity to gather in praise through instrumental, vocal and visual arts
  • To send us forth, filled with the Holy Spirit to be the light of Christ in the world.

9 a.m. Traditional Service

John Lasher
John Lasher
This service embraces the traditional Lutheran worship style, with liturgy, rituals and hymns in a more formal sanctuary setting. The service includes a rich selection of time-honored music led by our choir with organ, piano and other instrumental accompaniment. The service appeals to those who seek a more contemplative or structured worship experience.

11 a.m. Contemporary Service

Worship leader Nicole Matos
Nicole Matos
This service offers a relaxed, come-as-you-are experience with a more informal-but-recognizable worship format. The service features spirited musical selections led by our worship band and vocalists. The service appeals to those seeking a more informal and interactive worship experience.