Midweek Extra: With Chaplain Stephen Dutton

Interim Pastor David Mueller and Chaplain Stephen Dutton

In this Midweek Extra, recorded on November 17, Interim Pastor David Mueller talks with Stephen Dutton, manager of pastoral services for Christiana Care Health System.

They discuss the pastoral services program, its history and how hospital chaplaincy has had to change during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel at the link below. (And if you haven’t subscribed to that yet, please do!)

Midweek Extra: With PCOC’s Kathryn Morgan

Interim pastors Kathryn Morgan and David Mueller
In the Midweek Extra for November 11, Interim Pastor David Mueller was joined by the Rev. Kathryn Morgan, interim pastor at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, our next-door neighbor.
Rev. Morgan grew up in Pitman, N.J., and attended First Presbyterian Church of Pitman. She and her husband, David Wible, live there now.
She and Pastor Mueller discuss how church has changed — for better and for worse — this year, plans for Advent season activities and opportunities for continued church collaboration, even with churches many miles away discovered because of the lockdowns.
Here’s a link to the video on our YouTube channel: